chin up, beautiful ^.^

“Have you ever wondered what things would be like if you never met someone important to you. Someone you loved or once loved. Someone who had always been there for you when the rest of the world wasn’t. Someone you have become extremely close with. You might have the thought that you’d be dead, a rotting corpse of unloved bones with a dead pulse that has been nothing but lonely. Imagine those endless night talking to them, gone. More drawings on your wrist that form unforgettable scars along with you’re beautiful shinning metal of a blade, washing away every drop in the sink. Because no one stopped you. But someone came along and told you that the marks of pain on your wrist will never define who you are as a person. That you are worth every year you shed those nights alone screaming in the silence of your pillow. You felt comfort. That someone is putting their dear aside and trying their best to understand what it is that you need to feel beautiful again. So they can help you. They grabbed your arms as you fought back with the thoughts of never being cared for and they looked you in the sadness of your beloved eyes and said you’re a warrior. You survived the tornado of flaws and the floods of insecurities. Those nights you sat on your floor in the corner of your empty to waiting for someone to hear you have come to an end. They care about you. They finally know your hidden talent of musical notes written on your heart that say "stop beating." They are screaming louder than you saying "I love you don’t leave me." Would you leave them?”
— My mind
“You breath but do you live?”